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Ok Google Commandos

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So geil! Endlich mal eine Übersicht an sämtlichen vorhandenen "Ok Google" Befehlen die man in sein Android Handy hinein hauchen kann. Ist jetzt schon zu spät um hier noch Lärm zu machen aber die hier muss ich morgen direkt ausprobieren:

What is the timezone on Canary Island?
What's the weather like?
Do i need an umbrella for this afternoon?
What's the temperature outside?
What's 400 meters in yards?
What's the tip for 39 Euros?
What's 34 plus 98?
What's 7 percent of 39?
Decrease brightness.
Take a picture.
Take a selfie.
Turn on/off Wifi.
Turn on/off Bluetooth.
Record a video.
Increase/Decrase volume.
Set the volume to 39.
Set the volume to full.
Mute the volume.
Set an alarm in 29 minutes.
Schedule a calendar event.
Schedule an event meet with the team for friday at 12:37.
What's my next appointment?
What does my day look like on monday?
Make a note: stop eating fast food.
Say how can i get home in spanish.
Translate What's the time to German.
Remind me to buy tea at supermarketö
What's this song?

And now to something completely different.... EASTER EGGS....
Do a barrel roll.
What's the loneliest number?
Make me a sandwich.
sudo Make me a sandwich.
When am I?
Okay Jarvis.
Beam me up Scotty.
Tell me a joke.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.
Go go gadget facebook.
Roll a dice.
Flip a coin.
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