Thursday, 30 October 2014 09:14

Official Google App Developer.

Do not ask me why i am writing this in english now. It could be caused by the fact that for the last three weeks i have been in so many message boards talking, explaining and asking in English that this once again might be the start of a temporary voyage into English blogging.

I am absolutly fucked up. Been sleeping an average of 6 hours for the last weeks all because of one thing: app development. To specify it: app development for the SEEMIYAH project. At this very moment my left brain side is pumping and hurting and due to the fact that i have been working once again for more then 16 hours is a sign that i am getting old. My brain, my body etc. can not stand this whole shit anymore. The good thing: getting a bit buzzed helps a lot. Often.It's no fucking excuse it's just an exit of all the questions inside my head.

So, where was i: yeah: app production: Seemiyah Project. And for this i have done the more important step by registering myself for the Google App Development Console. Just a few bugs to eliminate and before the cock yawns on Monday morning i will be proud to have my first app published. Yieha!

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