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Monday, 01 August 2011 09:15

Splash Text Effekt

Wenn die PSD Vault Seite mal funzt, dann immerhin so richtig! Und zwar mit genialen tutorials wie diesem hier um Typos einen Splash Effekt anzuhaengen. Er war es!

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Thursday, 06 January 2011 19:48

Cinema like photo tutorial effect

Sehr gutes tutorial das quasi den technicolor cinestyle via photoshop ermoeglicht. Man muesste das mal an GIF animationen ausprobieren, sieht bestimmt dufte aus!

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 17:35

PhotoshopTutorial Comic Book look

Photoshop Tutorial um ein Foto in Comic-Stil umzusetzen. Dauert keine 10 Minuten und ist `ne super Spielerei mit der Halftone Technik.

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I produce and sell stickers and so called "Qrofties" (transparent paper prints at the size of a business card) for IKEA mashups, bookmarkers, scrapbooking and much more.

QR Paintings

For half a decade i have been painting QR codes out there on the street and on canvas in acrilic.

MR. ROBOT Wallpaper Generator

For the MR. Robot TV series i created an online wallpaper generator that allows you to create your own fanart wallpaper at 1920x1080pixels in Full HD for your computer desktop.

La Despedida

A roadmovie in form of a documentary that i produced in 2010, about a journey on an italian three-wheeler through Europe to find out how hard it is nowadays to say "Goodbye". The full movie is available online.

My Nathan Hunt game

For the first time ever, Google Streetview is used as content for a textadventure (also known as interactive fiction) game. I developed and published the first chapter in summer 2015, that can be playe online and for free.

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remember the .GIF

As DJ Qroft i programmed a script in HTML and JS that selects randomly one out of thousands of GIF animations and creates a music video based upon these animations.